The recent PRSA International Conference and Assembly Annual meeting was Oct. 6 – 9 in Austin, Tx. Warm, humid weather greeted the Puget Sound Delegates to the National Assembly! What looked to be a contentious and bitter Assembly battle about proposed bylaw amendments actually resulted in civil and well-presented discourse among the Delegates. Kudos to PRSA National Chair Anthony (Tony) D’Angelo who kept the meeting in check and offered good humor and patience when voting glitches occurred. Differing opinions were heard and business got done. In the end, the two bylaw amendments offered by the Governance Committee regarding the definition of Member In Good Standing and establishing a grievance procedure were adopted and the four bylaw amendments offered by two PRSA members from Tennessee were rejected. While business was conducted civilly. It appears the National Board has heard fairly loudly the need to be more in tune with membership and with the value of Assembly Delegates. The 2019 Assembly will be a test of that. Representing the Puget Sound Chapter this year were Karla Slate (Chapter President), Cindy Sharpe, Janelle Guthrie and Suzanne Hartman (APRs all).


The Conference itself was well done with some interesting and provocative keynote speakers and a plethora of break-out sessions on a variety of topics from which to choose. New media and metrics seemed to be frontrunners.


Karla, Cindy and Janelle were there to cheer Suzanne on as she was inducted into the Class of 2018 College of Fellows. This is the prestigious honorary organization within PRSA that identifies senior practitioners who have left a significant footprint on the public relations professional. The formal dinner was a special evening for the 11 new inductees from across the country. Janelle, College of Fellows Class of 2017, “walked” Suzanne to the stage to receive her award. PRSA is posting short videos on their website featuring the Class of 2018 and can be found soon at: